Friday Sessions
Class Description
Session 1
1:00 to 2:00 PM

    Beginner –Advanced Beginner  “Beginning Singing Accompaniment”.  

    You will learn to use techniques to play bass parts as drones, one and five chord notes
    and  arpeggios  to  accompany  the  voice  using  songs,   Skip  to  My  Lou  and
    The Crawdad Song.

    Beginner - “Yellow Rose of Texas”.

    In this class we will address basic concepts of smooth bowing, an important part to successful
    psaltery playing. We will learn several types of bow strokes to accomplish bowing smoothly
    from one note to the next, even as we cross over to the occasional black note, as we learn
    this American cowboy classic.

    Beginner – "Join the Jam"  DUETS.

    Learn to play with others even if you don’t know the song.  We’ll learn droning and
    harmony to the songs, Come Follow, Follow, Tom Bigbee Waltz and Red River Valley

    Beginner, single bow – “Irish Hymn Tunes”.  

    The Irish have a lovely way of creating beautiful melodies.  In this class you will learn to
    play some of their gorgeous hymn tunes, including St. Columba (The King of Love) and
    Slane (Be Thou My Vision).
    Intermediate – “Do You want to Dance?”.   

    How to get more syncopation and rhythm in your music.  We will work on
    “The Flowers of Edinburgh” and “Harvest Home”.
Session 2
2:30 to 3:30 PM

    Beginner - Advanced Beginner “Let’s play (and Sing) Minor Rounds”.  

    We will learn them together (sing only if you want to), and then you’ll get a chance to try them as
    two part rounds.  They won’t sound as good as when all the parts are played together and
    everybody can hear all the parts, but nobody else will notice if you have
    some trouble keeping your part going.  Songs will include Love (Round) with variants of
    America (Round) and Holy Is God.  Hey, Ho, Nobody Home,  Thou Poor Bird  and
    Paddle Song as time allows.

    Intermediate - “Spring”  by Vivaldi.

    This is a beginners double bowing class. We will be learning “Spring” by Vivaldi,
    utilizing 2 bows to play this lovely piece with a smooth legato. This will be an excellent
    introduction to using 2 bows.

    Beginner-Intermediate – "Playing with Others"  DUETS

    Can be fun  even when you don't know the song.  Droning or playing harmony lets
    you  join  in.  Class  songs  will  include,  Hava  Na  Shira,  In  the  Garden
    and Wild Flowers Don't Care Where They Grow.

    Intermediate, single bow – “Irish Hymn Tunes”.  

    Join this class and learn to play some lovely Irish hymn tunes, including Wicklow
    (Our Blest Redeemer), Fingal  (My Spirit Longs for Thee), and Irish (O come and
    Sing unto the Lord).  A short discussion of music theory will help you make a duet
    part to accompany the hymn melodies.

    Advanced – “How Can I Play Faster?”.  

    Work through eighth note patterns while learning “Flowers of the Thorn” and
    “English Country Dance”.
Session 3
4:00 to 5:00 PM

    Advanced Beginner“Echo (Echo) Back (Back) Songs (Songs)”.  

    The purpose of this workshop is to introduce you to some techniques for playing
    (and singing if desired) an echo part for songs that lend themselves to that effect.  
    Songs will include Sipping Cider Through a Straw, The Bear in Tennis Shoes and
    The Water is Wide.

    Beginner - “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”.  

    This is a double bowing class. In this class we’ll learn the use of 2 bows to keep the
    “alleluias” smooth and lovely.

    Advanced, single bow – “Songs about the Fair”.  

    Many of us missed going to the Fair last year, whether it was your local county fair or
    the big state fair.  So lets learn some songs about the fair, including Scarborough Fair,
    Strawberry Fair, I Went to the Animal Fair, and Come All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens.
    I  know  that  the  last  one  is not about a FAIR,  but I love the tune,  so I included it in
    this class.

    All levels -  “Pachelbel’s Canon”.  

    There are beginner parts, advanced and intermediate parts to this piece.  We will work
    through them all.